From 1978 when Esslemont began printing and publishing he has also bound his own books, many in leather bindings: full leather, quarter leather and designed fine bindings, often with gold tooling. Today, David Esslemont is pleased to offer his services as a bookbinder for small editions.
Fine edition
Esslemont binds small editions of Solmentes Press books himself, often creating paste papers for simple case bindings. Occasionally a small number of copies are offered in a special full leather binding. Work for other presses/publishers include All in Good Time for Peoples Archive Ltd and Angels for the Celtic Cross Press.
Unique bindings
Esslemont also welcomes commissions for one-off bindings. Occasionally he finds a book that inspires and will create a binding specially for that volume which is then offered for sale. The bindings can be very simple or more "painterly", becoming in essence a painting using white alum-tawed goatskin as the "canvas".

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Fine edition
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